About Counter Search

What is Counter Search?

My life has been spent in a more liberal milieu. Growing up my family received our news from NPR, PBS, The Atlantic Monthly, and the Boston Globe. The elite schools I attended were overwhelmingly liberal. In the cities I have lived in since, the vast majority of my acquaintences take the narratives of the New York Times, NPR, and Daily Show as being the obvious truth.

But it was always my habit to balance my reading with more conservative sources. And when I personally verified claims or had first-hand insights into the issue, I found that many times the right-of-center sources had valuable truths that people who only read liberal sources were missing out on.

Introducing my liberal friends to more right-wing sources often proved difficult. Sometimes exposure to particularly bad right-wing sources (Fox News, Breitbert) had turned them off to all rightwing sites. The more high brow right-wing sources (such as the National Review) settle upon fallacious arguments for the sake of political correctness (these milquetoast conservative writers do not want to be ostracized from TV shows and platforms controlled by liberals).

The purpose of Counter Search is to expose liberal minded people to compelling sources that challenge their existing worldview. I have hand picked sources based on my own reading and recommendations from others. Sources are included not because I think they are 100% right (very few sources are 100% right) or even 20% right, but because they have some crucial evidence, argument or insight that needs to be included in the overall conservation about better policy and a better society. This is an ongoing project and I’m always happy to receive suggested improvements. You can email me at .

This site has four different sections:

Counter Zeitgeist Search Engine

On the home page is a customized search engine for social and political topics. The engine draws from a curated selection of around 80 high-quality sites and a few hundred hand-picked links. The goal is to provide an easy way to find intelligent counter takes to the narratives of prestige, center-left sources such as NPR, the New York Times, PBS, the Economist, Vox, the Atlantic, or Last Week Tonight.

Counter Search screens for quality, and excludes the sites of cranks and partisan hacks, such as Infowars or Fox News. If your media diet consists mostly of sources such as the Times and NPR, then as hot-button issues arise, I encourage you to also do a quick search here and read a few counter-takes.

Book Pairings

The book pairings section has a hand built list of right-of-center and left-of-center books on every topic. My habit has long been that I want to read sources covering all sides of an issue. I find it immensely frustrating when I have a political conversation and the other person is simply unaware of any of the facts that contradict their claims, because all they have read is books from partisans on one side of the issue. And often they are not even aware of how one-sided their reading is, because, not having read the other side, they do not know what they are missing.

Article Pairings

The article pairings section is similar to the book pairings section. On a variety of social and political topics I pulled together a collection of articles representing the most compelling left-of-center viewpoints and the most compelling right-of-center arguments. Readers can compare the arguments to get a full sense of the issue.


The podcasts page contains an RSS link to a hand curated feed of interesting podcast episodes. These episdoes are picked because they contain stories or information that is either ignored by sources such as NPR, or contradicts narratives pushed by NPR.