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The following is a manually curated meta-feed of podcast episodes. As I come across thoughtful, high quality, counter-zeitgeist podcast episodes, from whatever the source, I add them to this feed. You can use the link below to subcribe to the feed in the podcast player of your choice.

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Dr. Stuart Ritchie on Intelligence, IQ Testing and Genetics

Dr. Stuart Richie is an expert in human intelligence differences and their relations to the brain, genetics, and education. This episode distills some of the most important and interesting ideas in intelligence, IQ testing, genetics and their affects on society at large.

Aryeh Cohen-Wade and John Ziegler on Right-wing Media

Topics covered: Deconstructing Trump's improbable ascension; What exactly happened to Scott Walker? The power of the Drudge Report; Real journalism is dead.

Stephen F. Cohen: The Ukrainian Crisis - It's not All Putin's Fault

The consensus view in Washington and in the U.S. mainstream media is that the Ukrainian crisis, which some have called the worst international crisis of our time, is due solely to Russian aggression under President Vladimir Putin.

Glenn Loury and Jilly Levoy about her book Ghettoside

Topics covered: Jill's book, Ghettoside. The logic of inner-city violence. Why petty disputes lead to high murder rates. Diverging homicide rates among blacks and Latinos. What makes homicide detectives different. Glenn expresses sympathy for the cops.

Glenn Loury and Peter Moskos on Policing, Criminals, and Justice

Topics covered: Police, criminals and the search for moral justice. What explains Baltimore's recent spike in violent crime? What explains NYC's sharp reduction in violent crime? Peter: Al Sharpton has been good for NYC policing. The most important lessons Peter learned as a cop. Peter defends flogging.

Robert Wright and Matt Ridley: A Climate Luke-warmer

Topics covered: Matt: Climate change is real, but not catastrophic. The "denier" label. Why are media reports on climate change so scary? Future theoretical pain versus present actual pain. Matt's beef with climate models. Critiquing Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth.

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter on riots, Ferguson, and Al Sharpton

Topics covered: Disturbing polarization in the wake of Ferguson. Glenn: imputing racial motives is a slippery slope. John on the trouble with "disowning your own." Al Sharpton and the murder of two NYC cops. Why the '60s riots were an unmitigated disaster. Glenn: people are playing with fire here.